When running with your dog, you want a leash that is strong, secure and durable, comfortable to hold, and has a little give to absorb the shock of sudden starts, stops and turns. Our Jogger’s Leash is designed to be used two ways – as a complete hands-free jogging system when used in conjunction with our Urban Trail® Hands Free Belt, or as a hand-held leash when used with the detachable padded handle.


Safe, comfortable and highly functional, our Jogger’s Leash, Hands Free Belt, and Double Duty Leash are the perfect accessories for everyday active living with your dog, whether it be jogging, hiking, or a walk around the block.

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Key Features & Benefits
  • TOUGH - Strong and durable polyethylene rope, moisture and mildew resistant.
  • SHOCK ABSORBENT - Embedded into the rope is a bungee shock- absorber for you and your dog's comfort and safety
  • LOW-LIGHT VISIBILITY - Reflective material woven in to make sure you are seen from dusk to dawn.
  • SECURE - Heavy-duty metal swivel snap for safety and security
  • COMFORT - Padded detachable handle is comfortable to hold and turns your Jogger's Leash into a walking leash!
  • TRAFFIC HANDLE - Secondary traffic handle puts you close to your dog for extra control when necessary.
  • VERSATILE - Padded handle is removable so leash may attach directly to our Urban Trail® Hands Free Belt
  • CONTROL - 5.5 feet in length is the perfect length for jogging/running with your dog.